Incense for Calmer Mind and Soul

Influence of Incense for a Calmer Mind and Soul

Incense is an aromatic material that has a fragrance smell. An incense stick releases the fragrance in the room to eliminate odors caused due to any unavoidable environment. The use of an Incense stick is for different purposes like religious ceremonies, aromatherapy, meditation, supernatural activities, and keeping mosquitoes and insects away from the food. 

Incense comes in different scents like sandalwood, cinnamon, musk, patchouli, rose, etc. The fragrance of the Incense stick calms our mind and soul, such as the influence of Incense sticks. It is very therapeutic for a calmer mind and soul.

Incense releases all the negative energies and produces positive energy in the environment. Aromas produced by Incense sticks are effective to enhance anybody's mood. It releases Serotonin in the brain and helps in reducing stress levels, depression, anxiety. It also helps in developing a good sleep cycle that is essential for any human. A relaxed and undisturbed sleep is an integral part of a calmer mind and soul. It helps in releasing positivity in the brain. 

Incense sticks have influenced our lives through different activities in the Hindu religion and Buddhism too. It is used in temples, during pooja at home, and in every place of worship. Incense is considered as a sacred offering to honor God and anyone we idolize similarly. The fragrant smoke produced by incense sticks burns away all the evil and negative energies. The negative energy can be in our surroundings or within ourselves also. To make our mind and soul calmer and pure, we need incense sticks. The incense stick is organic, as it is made with only natural ingredients to heal our minds and soul. It helps in releasing all the stress with its therapeutic aroma. The aroma has an anti-depressant effect that lifts the mood you feel peaceful and joyful.

The science behind Influence of Incense

Incense is influential in our lives as it has deep connections with our minds and soul. Science also proved that Incense sticks help a lot in meditation. People practicing meditation use the Incense, to get rid of anxiety and depression. The Incense sticks uplift the mood immediately with the pleasant fragrance. 

Incense sticks come in many scents that have different effects on our bodies. The benefits of scents are:

  • Lavender - Stress reliever
  • Sandalwood - Relieves tension and make you more alert
  • Cinnamon - helps in fighting depression and increases focus
  • Frankincense: relieves depression; also known to increase creativity


Incense sticks have a negative influence too. Especially for those people who already have breathing issues like Asthama, Cynus, etc. The smoke can cause health issues if kept too close. One should buy high-quality Incense only as it will be non-toxic. Cheap quality Incense can be harmful to inhale, especially for people with low immunity. The quality of ingredients used is a cheap quality that produces pollutant articles after burning. The toxic ingredients can cause major damage to our lungs too if burned regularly.

Influence sticks should be used carefully as like everything it has pros and cons. The list of listing do's and don'ts are as follows:


Always remember to open a window while burning an Incense stick and after that as well

Try to burn 1 or 2 Incense sticks at a time. This will produce less smoke and nobody will face any health issues.

Always buy organic Incense sticks. Don't buy only based on price. Quality matters a lot, so buy Incense stick with all-natural substances.


Never leave the Incense stick burning unattended.

Maintain distance while burning Incense sticks

People with pre-existing respiratory conditions should avoid Incense sticks and maintain enough distance to avoid smoke inhalation.

Use incense with artificial properties.

Buy an aroma that suits your mood. Also, keep in mind that you are allergic to the ingredients of the Incense. Incense can be a great addition to any yoga or meditation practice, and burning them is a soothing ritual in itself.