Fragrance to divinity, fragrance for divine soul

Fragrance that leads to divinity

Fragrance for us is an energy that radiates positivity around us and attracts emotions and vibes in our surrounding. Everytime you meet an individual, you tend to exchange energies –people who are stressed will leave ypu exhausted and those with an aura will cleanse your should without even making you feel.

We all know the impact that fragrance has on all age groups, even a small toddler smiles when brought close to fragrance and that is the very reason baby products are infused with mild fragrances. The power is aroma is very closely associated with human emotion, relaxation and memory and it is believed that amongst all the 6 senses, smell is the most sensitive. Why we call it sensitive is because, we do associate differently with different smell or aroma. Food smell is easily differentiated from the scent of fragrance. Aroma from an incense stick is different from the perfume we use.

Why smell or ‘Sugandh’ is important is because, it triggers perception and emotions. At Ved Mantra, we intent to convey a plethora of emotions and feelings right from wishful achievements to relaxation, from desire to vitality, from love to spirituality and above all the ultimate attainment of divinity . It is quite obvious that at times, our emotions responds to fragrance and aromas governed by association and completely different from each other. Starting with a mild fragrance that establishes softness and calm environment, some moderately aromatic that restores energy and helps maintain physical equilibrium. Stronger fragrances infuses sensuality, spirituality, assimilates union of body and mind and eases out stress, anxiety and improves concentration.

It is very likely that most of us responds to all as the same , yet each fragrance that you smell is borne out of the fact that different people of different age have completely different emotions. The big picture fact is that been by a simple tulsi (Indian basil) the divinity and dedication reaches a different high.

Fragrance is offered to the divine and is a symbolic representation in all the religions across the globe, be is the thick incense lighted in the Gumbas, Candles in Churches, Agarbattis in the mosque or temple –they all mean the same.

We shall highlight six of the top incenses that leads to divinity as believed and practiced by devotees and spiritual guru’s world over:


Is is also called as the perfect incense fragrance primarily used for religious rituals and cleansing purpose , the soft yet intuitive floral fragrance induces relaxation , keeps negativity at bay and connects with inner self .

Chandan / Sandalwood

The most popular scents of all times, it is used for meditation , purification, religious ceremonies and to build a tranquil atmosphere.

Meditative Incense Palo Santo Incense

An incense which resonates with Yoga and meditation. Increases positive energy, builds energy in multiple folds

Rosemary Incense

If you wish to uplift your mood and clear you thoughts with positive and productive thoughts, try rosemary incense – a gush of divinity preferred during chanting mantra and spiritual ceremonies.

White Sage Incense

This offers a strong wood fragrance, famous for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Burning White Sage helps eliminate impurities and infuses a positive environment.

Cinnamon Incense

Cinnamon Incense is an energy enhancer and is known for reducing anxiety, depression and negativity.


Lighting an incense is one of the most ancient practises and practised across the world. This is used to infuse energy, purify the environment with positive energy and reduce stress, anxiety and infuse positivity.

The six incenses mentioned above serves a welcoming and relieving effect on the user. They help in meditation, infuses with positive power and helps connect inner spirituality.

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