Fragrance benefit, fragrance to purity, fragrance to consciousness, fragrance to knowledge

How Fragrance is related to Purity, Consciousness and knowledge

Essence of Fragrance, its purity and consciousness has been explained time and again in Vedas [ancient Indian literature] .Incense fragrance offers a blissful journey between body, mind, expression and spirit. Every occasion brings with is religious and cultural importance and we at Veda Mantra explore the various attributes that finally helps us curate and create fragrance and incense sticks that restores in itself positive energy and offers emotional equilibrium.

Whether it is simple scent, aroma, fragrance or simple Dhoop cones, each one triggers specific outcome. We in our daily life run errands and do conduct a variety of sensual rituals to offer prominent connection and assimilate a beautiful union of mind and body. These occasions can help a student to concentrate better, a housewife to relax, offer a couple heighten excitement, an individual may experience stimulated creativity – in doing all these , there is also a rigid raft of cultural, religious and our natural reasons where ingredient used in the fragrance infuses purposeful attributes .

After a whole day of work one might wish to relax and unwind, hence the fragrance from the incense stick is used to encourage relaxation. After a busy schedule or study/researched hours ,one might wish to simply light some incense , curl up on the couch , help yourself with a cup of coffee and a book with a background music –this makes the perfect environment which we all thrive in this busy world.

The incense sticks might look like a simple stick but once they are lit, they emit a soft aroma that enhances the mood, gives you time and space to forget the busy day you just experienced and relax.

These fragrances are used by more than 43% of the world population to deepen attention and concentration, elevate the senses and uplift your spiritual being. In olden days’ time used to be calculated with the length of the incense sticks. Yogis and sadhus practised asana and meditation in pure environment, here they could conncet to their conscious better, away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life –they attained nirvana and recommends it to the modern world.

Taking a simple example such as sandalwood, this is considered the most preferred scent that helps you meditate better, it is believed that the purity of the environment when connects with the pure soul, you are transformed to a new being and transported to a place where you wished to be without physically being there.


People do use the word burning the Incense Stick, which we do not, we rather feel it is an action where we ignite the fragrance to help us gain its positivity, it is a doorway to attain purity and human consciousness. Both for the formal and informal world, religious and non-religious, secular and non-secular since Incense stick does not bind obligation, it is not a dharma neither a process- It is a beautiful practise of discovering a calmer you.


Though the history of incense sticks tells us that this is a practise which started centuries back, but what the modern world has done is shared with the world the significance, importance, health benefit and more. There is  a detailed research being conducted about the positive aspect of using incense sticks and based on all the possible conclusions, we now believe that incense sticks are products that has been used for thousands of years across the world and  not only do we experience the mesmerizing and lingering tranquillity but these Incense sticks , cones are incredible as various components that constitute the final products comes out as a collected fragrance and hence has the effect that the world now is waiting to experience .

Experience the spiritual realm and elevate intuition and concentration- live healthy live pure.