The fragrance has been an integral part of our go-getting yet purposeful journey, an emotion that celebrates elegance, charisma, sensuality and focuses on the collective influence, mindfulness, and feel-good inspiration with pure Indian incense. We, at Vedmantra, started early with nothing but a vision to lifting your inward being, cherish sinking into a profound air pocket showering with the mesmerizing aroma of natural incense Stick set for the feeling of accomplishment of the delicate, yet inspiring fragrances that are hand-rolled with ingrains peacefulness, calmness and quiet moments of the inner self

Created for that moment when you need a lift, experience incense that helps you discover your positive vitality.

We call incense a festivity, merriment of life that is guaranteed to take you to a different scale. What started as a generous and honest initiative with Nag Champa and essential oils, dhoop sticks and dhoop cones soon turned into a demanding product.

We are expanding our network geographically and updating our ranges based on demand trends, we are proud suppliers of fragrance to customers from Lands’ End to John O’ Groats and Ireland to Australia This is a family run business in Leicestershire that works with a close-knit team, each of us is committed to deliver and offer service to the modern world with the traditional, antiquated or old-fashioned human touch blended with the latest technology.
Do you want us to take you on a tour of our product ranges, drop in a one-liner for us to organize the same- we await to take you on a fragranceful journey!

Our Vision : Our vision is to be recognized as the brand that offers a fragrance that promotes relaxation, Improves concentration, heals inner self, lifts mood and character of every individual,

Our Mission : We strive for excellence when developing our unique fragrances, improve, produce and market all of our products. We commit highest standards to offer our customers nothing else but ‘the best’

Our Objective : To be the best brand committed to enhancing the natural essence of fragrance in the form of incense by offering each product that exceeds customer expectations